Moisture For Mealworms

Like all bugs meal worms want a moisture to thrive and reproduce. There’s a ton of information on the market on the internet on this topic. In our years of breeding bugs we’ve tried all of the strategies of offering moisture. Including water on to the substrate will trigger mould and kill your colony. Now we have labored out a number of strategies to efficiently present moisture to our meal worm colonies.¬†Read more about¬†Ohaus Moisture Analyser

First you should use a easy paper towel folded in half or quarters, add some water and squeeze out the surplus. Place the paper towel on the highest of the substrate. This could nonetheless trigger mould. So it’s worthwhile to depart the highest off the meal worm tray. Verify the meal worm colony regularly and ensure there is no such thing as a mould. Now the easiest way to supply moisture is from sliced greens. Now we have been utilizing potato slices or complete carrots.

The meal worms get their moisture straight from the greens and obtain dietary worth as effectively. In a couple of days all it’s worthwhile to do is dig by means of the substrate and take away the dried greens. In the previous couple of years we’ve found what we imagine is the very best moisture supply there’s.

The nopal cactus (opunita streptacantha). We slice the nopal cactus pads into strips and place these on high of the substrate. When the worms are completed the one factor left is the skinny pores and skin of the cactus. This species of cactus has few thorns and the few there are could be eliminated simply with a knife. Now we have had completely no issues with mould and have discovered that the meal worms devour the cactus earlier than every other moisture supply. When you have entry to nopal cactus we strongly advocate making an attempt it as a moisture supply in your meal worms.